William Garner: The Laws of Neurophysicochemistry and Correlative Behavior


Current Earth-based sciences are severely limited by the human controllers of the planet. The accurate and pure sciences of The Universe have been suppressed by these human controllers for more than 2,000 years, and continue to be presented to Earth-based inhabitants in a severely abbreviated version that greatly restricts progress, innovation and creativity of humans and all life on Earth.

The current situation does not allow Earth-based humans access to Universal sciences that, if known and studied and implemented, would change the face of humanity overnight.

The Laws of Neurophysicochemistry and Correlative Behavior were developed as a springboard for future development of the nascent neuroscience field, which seeks to study and identify all neurophysicochemical pathways and their correlative behaviors in all living organisms for unlimited purposes, including creating new life from the code of The Laws of Neurophysicochemistry and Correlative Behaviors.

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Sister “Merciless” Goode’s Traveling Crusade and Medicine Show

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.24.29 AMMerciless Goode I am, soul afire,
Don’t touch my bible, son,
This gun’s for hire.

Locks of a black wind,
Eyes the far side of the moon,
I’m out for you, Mr. Sin,
Comin’ for ya real soon.

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Why I love YOU more than myself

_the_soulcatcher__by_silentdeath0071. Each person, YOU, can stimulate me with X joules of energy (NRG)
2. That potential NRG can, at any time in the future, be converted into any other useful form of NRG or matter
3. There are billions of possible interactions with many of YOU
4. The magnitude of NRG from more than one of YOU is far greater than anything I could possibly generate myself
5. With this much viable NRG available to me at any time and any place on earth, to power any action I can dream up, how could I possibly love myself more than I love YOU?
6. YOU make my life possible
7. YOU make everything in the world possible for everyone else
8. The most important entity on the planet:
9. YOU