A Writer’s Secret Weapon: “Warehouse Of Words”

HTWYFBCoverExcerpted from William Garner’s How To Write Your First Book: A Simple & Practical Method For Anyone Who Can Tell A Story.

Each time you sit down and write something, there’s a finite number of words that will spill onto the paper during a session. It’s not always the same amount, because you may be more inspired one day than on other days.

The fact that this fluid number exists is proof that there is some invisible barrier between your conscious and subconscious selves that prevents further continuous flow of words onto paper.

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Cool Interview With New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter And Editor William Dean A. Garner

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.26.39 PMHere’s a cool interview with New York Times bestselling ghostwriter/editor William Dean A. Garner on TheProse.com’s new blog.

Mr. Garner is the editor of my Tommy Darlington novels and upcoming book, Postcards From Rio.

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Bloodsmoke: Chapter One

Bloodsmoke copy“This guy the best we have?” The Old Man filled two glasses with 150-year-old whisky that had its own otherworldly glow, a spirit of crimson hues on the verge of wildfire. He handed one to Alfred.

Slowly and imperceptibly, his skin unfurled into a rictus, the furrows of his brow growing deeper, ploughed by years of violence and sinful thought. The Old Man sneered at Alfred’s dark-gray, hand-stitched Brioni. Fresh outta some pizza oven, he thought.

Ran his huge sausage fingers through a shock of rich bimetallic hair that seemed to wave and slither of its own accord.

Alfred took the glass, couldn’t summon the required single nerve to meet his boss’s glare. “No, but he does things quietly and to standard, leaves no mess for someone else to clean up, or for a curious detective to discover.”

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Latest Amazon Review for BLOODSMOKE by Rio Ramirez

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 9.44.19 AMRio Ramirez has an uncanny way of making you feel like you’re inside his skin or wish to be. He has a way with language that’s at once playful, clever, skin tingling, heart heating, silly and yet poignant. The story bubbles out with fluidity, making each page want to turn itself. He keeps the intrigue tight and moving. With creative descriptions of place and people holding just enough back that makes you reach forward to lap up the rest. Artful. As if he were writing from real life experience.

Tommy is a lovable nervous character, part philosopher, part poet; a killer with a heart of banana-curled butter who still believes in true love. He’s the kind of guy you want to get to know more. What makes him who he is? How does he juggle all the complicated facets of his life? The stringent discipline with the overarching devotion. All in an action-packed tale. Bring on the rest of the stories, Señor Ramirez!