A Death Poem: I Know What You’re Thinking

DeathFreq99.230597235. Death frequencies do not exist.
43.14. I’m too old for you.
93.4582. Your boobs are too small.
13.5093464. I think too much.
92375.3946. She drinks a lot.
83.93284667. They aren’t very nice to each other.
9.014094853. The kid should be spanked once a day (really hard).
21.92735628765. People really are mean.
1.000000043. Priests should wed.

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Why I love YOU more than myself

_the_soulcatcher__by_silentdeath0071. Each person, YOU, can stimulate me with X joules of energy (NRG)
2. That potential NRG can, at any time in the future, be converted into any other useful form of NRG or matter
3. There are billions of possible interactions with many of YOU
4. The magnitude of NRG from more than one of YOU is far greater than anything I could possibly generate myself
5. With this much viable NRG available to me at any time and any place on earth, to power any action I can dream up, how could I possibly love myself more than I love YOU?
6. YOU make my life possible
7. YOU make everything in the world possible for everyone else
8. The most important entity on the planet:
9. YOU

Writer’s Block: What Causes It, How To Overcome It


From William Garner’s article on LinkedIn:

Writer’s Block Is a Real Phenomenon That Resides in Your Subconscious

In all my years of writing, I’ve suffered from several different maladies and conditions but never the one we all fear and loathe: Writer’s Block. This doesn’t mean I don’t understand it, though, because I do. I’ve studied it in other people over the decades and have formulated my hypothesis about it and what causes it.

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A Writer’s Secret Weapon: “Warehouse Of Words”

HTWYFBCoverExcerpted from William Garner’s How To Write Your First Book: A Simple & Practical Method For Anyone Who Can Tell A Story.

Each time you sit down and write something, there’s a finite number of words that will spill onto the paper during a session. It’s not always the same amount, because you may be more inspired one day than on other days.

The fact that this fluid number exists is proof that there is some invisible barrier between your conscious and subconscious selves that prevents further continuous flow of words onto paper.

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Cool Interview With New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter And Editor William Dean A. Garner

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.26.39 PMHere’s a cool interview with New York Times bestselling ghostwriter/editor William Dean A. Garner on TheProse.com’s new blog.

Mr. Garner is the editor of my Tommy Darlington novels and upcoming book, Postcards From Rio.

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Bloodsmoke: Chapter One

Bloodsmoke copy“This guy the best we have?” The Old Man filled two glasses with 150-year-old whisky that had its own otherworldly glow, a spirit of crimson hues on the verge of wildfire. He handed one to Alfred.

Slowly and imperceptibly, his skin unfurled into a rictus, the furrows of his brow growing deeper, ploughed by years of violence and sinful thought. The Old Man sneered at Alfred’s dark-gray, hand-stitched Brioni. Fresh outta some pizza oven, he thought.

Ran his huge sausage fingers through a shock of rich bimetallic hair that seemed to wave and slither of its own accord.

Alfred took the glass, couldn’t summon the required single nerve to meet his boss’s glare. “No, but he does things quietly and to standard, leaves no mess for someone else to clean up, or for a curious detective to discover.”

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